AKD Emulsion(SoodSize)

AKDWaxEmulsionProductOverview We manufacture AKD Emulsions which is a reactive size and is a highly efficient Sizing Chemical . It is specifically designed to enhance drainage and optimize sizing efficiency in most papermaking systems. We manufacture different grades of AKD Emulsions for different type of Papers. Our emulsions are uniquely formulated to work effectively with most retention systems currently employed in the paper industry. . In India, we are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of AKD Wax Emulsion.

AKD - Product Characteristics:

Product SoodSize
Appearance Milky white emulsion
pH 2.5-4.0
Specific Gravity at 30 1 - 1.1
Total Solids (min.) 15%
Emulsion Charge -->
Shelf Life 90 Days